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MOVO 4-Pack Box

Steve Jobs once said, "Design is not what it looks and feels like, it's how it works." This quote may seem a little cerebral for a simple 4-pack chipboard box, but the goal of all great design is ultimately simplicity. There are a number of small features built into this box that make it a noteworthy case study. First, let's examine the "look and feel" of this box. First, you might notice that the artwork seems to jump right off the paper. This effect is achieved with multiple contrasting PMS colors built into the artwork. This is a little more expensive to print, but grabbing a customer's attention is mission critical in a hyper-competitive market such as the beverage industry. The benefit of PMS colors is that they do just that! Our eyes naturally gravitate towards unique colors that aren't drowned out in the ocean of CMYK color gamuts found on retail shelves. The artwork on this box goes even further create contrasts, incorporating matte/spot UV finishes to heighten contrast both visually and tactilely. Take note of how the clever use of spot UV, tightly registered over the PMS metallic silver ink on the lip of the can, creates a pseudo-foil stamped appearance without the added manufacturing cost. But enough about the "look and feel", now let's examine "how it works." This box incorporates a design feature known as an "auto-bottom." This feature adds a little bit of cost due to the extra gluing involved during manufacturing, but can be a god-send during the packout process. I really can't recommend this style enough if you, or your co-packer, do not plan on using a case erector. Not only is an auto-bottom strong, but the amount of time this feature saves during fulfillment will almost always outweigh the added cost to the box. Another important feature incorporated into this 4-pack design are the slit locks found on the edges of the top flap. These unassuming cuts next to the tuck flap actually serve a very important purpose. When the top flap is closed, these slits lock the top flap into place and prevent the cans from sliding out of the box. These slit locks are not infallible, but they are a lot stronger than you might think. Lastly, the use of coated chipboard for this box is an important design feature both aesthetically and structurally. Coated chipboard serves the dual purpose of providing a much better printing surface than uncoated chipboard, as well as creating a moisture barrier to prevent structural damage to the box in humid environments. In sum, this 4-pack box is not quite as simple as it may seem upon first glance. There are many small details that we obsess over to ensure that our customers packaging looks and performs as it should.

Banks Power 2-Piece Box

When Banks Power decided to launch a new high-end aftermarket automotive component, they came to us to create a great looking box that wouldn't break the bank (if you pardon the pun). Of course, the obvious choice for high-end retail products is a custom set up/turned edge box. This style of box is typically used to package fine watches, perfumes, and smartphones. The problem however is that these boxes are very labor intensive to produce, and consequently come at a price point that doesn't make sense for the majority of our customers. But the good news is that there are alternatives! In this case, we designed Banks Power a two-piece telescoping chipboard box. This style of box is essentially two chipboard trays that nest into one another, with the addition of a custom insert. This design eliminates all rough edges around the top and bottom lip, and the tight tolerances between the trays create a vacuum seal that is felt when the box is opened. Additionally, the double layers created by the roll end/side trays add to the overall rigidity of the box, which helps bolster the perceived value of the product. The custom chipboard insert was also important because it prevented the need for expensive custom foam, and also allowed for more printable surface for marketing and graphics. The combination of these small details create a more positive unboxing experience for the customer, and reflect better on product and the brand. The end result of this project was a fantastic looking box, produced right here in Southern California, at a profitable price point.

Euroline Installation Kit

Kraft, kraft, kraft, and more kraft! How would you ever go about finding a specific box stored in your warehouse quickly and efficiently if they were all the same size and color? Well, this was the problem that Euroline's customers/distributors were having when calling customer service regarding these installation reference kits. The simple answer, print the kits red so customers can find them! Sometimes it's the simplest change that can have the biggest impact on solving a customer's problem with their packaging. There are also a couple other interesting features that this box has that are applicable to broader usage. This mailer style box is different from your standard shipping/storage box in that it doesn't need to be taped shut. The cherry locks on the top lid simply tuck into the sides of the box, allowing the lid to be opened and closed multiple times. The fold where these flaps tuck into also adds a considerable amount of stacking strength to this design. This is often a very valuable feature for a box that is intended for long term storage in a warehouse. Additionally, the custom insert on this box comes directly off of the front panel. This serves the dual purpose of removing the rough edge on the front of the box when opened, and also ensures that the insert can never be misplaced. An attached insert will also ensure that you always receive an equal quantity of boxes and inserts from us, which is something we can't always guarantee with unattached boxes and inserts. There are many unforeseen problems that can arise from improper packaging design. Our experience can help mitigate and prevent these problems before they arise.