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Stand Up Pouches

Stand up pouches are a popular and cost effective way to package a wide variety of food and health related products. There are many different styles of pouches to choose from as well as materials, including; foil, paper, plastic, zippered, velcro, sealed, and they come in virtually any color. When filled, these pouches gusset bottom expands and allows it to have a stable standing position, which is perfect for getting your brand noticed on retail shelving. When empty, they are extremely light, thus using less storage space. This reduces transportation costs, which translates to a healthier bottom line.


Sachet packaging is a popular form of packaging for various powder and liquid products. Sachets are similar to stick packs in how they are used, but they are different in that they are sealed on all four sides like a bag. These small packets are typically filled with lotions, mixes, and condiments mayonnaise, or ketchup. We can provide either preformed sachets or roll stock for your co packer depending on the type of product and method of filling. We are also able to die cut sachets into a variety of different shapes, but we recommend first checking with your copacker about their filling capabilities of non-standard sachets. 

Kraft Bags

Whether you are looking for gusseted bags, square bottom bags, or non-gusseted bags, we have many different combinations of material laminations available. All bags are made of a combination of a "face stock", which is the printed surface of the bag, and a laminate that serves as the interor layer touching the product. Since kraft paper is porous, the ink lays down differently than on face stocks composed of metallic or plastic based materials. Many customers who are looking for a natural and raw look opt for kraft paper face stock. It all depends on your artwork, and the image you are looking to convey with your brand.

Wraps and Films

Custom overwrap films are generally used for product wrappers, and can be made in wide variety of size and shapes. They make excellent custom packaging for convenience stores, or other impulse buy locations. We can also provide both custom stretch wrap film, and custom shrink-wraps in a number of different colors, sizes, and thicknesses. We can also provide clear stretch wrap, these are the clear plastic wraps that cover products for security and or sanitary purposes.

Stick Packs

Stick packs are convenient, tube-shaped containers created from paper or film and sealed at both ends. Perfect for single servings of gels or powders, stick packs are an ideal flexible solution for packaging snacks, drinks, travel products, pharmaceuticals, and various samples.

Child Resistant Bags

Child resistant bags are designed to ensure the safety of children around certain substances. The durable laminates and zipper design make this style of bags difficult for children to open. Child resistant bags are available in both locking zipper pouch and single use options. The zipper is designed with built-in safety mechanisms to protect small children and curious toddlers from accidentally ingesting harmful chemicals and poisons. They are perfect for dispensaries and consumers who are looking to store medicinal herbs, edibles, concentrates, small pharmaceuticals, and chlorine and detergent pods.