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Custom displays help move your product off the shelf by getting directly in front of the customer. Displays are one of the best ways to showcase your brand in a retail setting since they create more space for product, and serve as a canvas for telling your brand’s story. Thus, it is important for displays to be eye-catching to perform well in competitive retail environments. 5 Star Packaging can help you produce both high quality and eye-catching custom displays to meet your unique needs with start-to-finish design and manufacturing service. Our displays can be customized to accommodate for virtually any product, and can even feature mixed materials to save cost or add creative touches. Floor displays, counter displays, pallet displays, and end caps can be made of a variety of materials, such as: corrugate, acrylic, foam core, falcon board, PVC, wood, and more. Let us know if you need assistance in finalizing the artwork or configuration of your display. We can refer you to experienced independent graphic designers who are ready to help. We can also ship your corrugated displays flat or assembled. Just ask about our fulfillment services. Fulfillment is as simple as sending us your product, and having us take care of the rest. Our hassle-free fulfillment services will allow you to free up valuable warehouse space/labor, and have your new fully stocked retail-ready displays sent directly to your customer. See what 5 Star packaging can do for you today!

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